Welcome to my website.

I am Dr. Detlef Eric Hinz, specialist in product and business development.

Since 1991 I am active in the exciting and innovative field called technology transfer as a founder, business developer, inventor consultant and licensing manager.As a biologist, I worked for six years at the Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum in Heidelberg and studied human medicine until the first state examination.


I am the co-founder of the well known company PromoCell in Heidelberg, a company specializing in cell culture, and supported several startup companies i.e. Genovac and SCO LifeSciences.


In my work at at Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and Bayerische Patentallianz in Munich I proofed more than 500 university inventions for their marketability, developed intellectual property strategies and negotiated numerous lucrative licensing agreements. This also included one of the largest deals in Germany between a university and an US biotech company.

My Expertise is

  • evaluation of lab, diagnostic, pharma and medtech inventions
  • patent analysis
  • technology marketing
  • finding an industrial partner for a new technology
  • searching innovations for companies
  • negotiation of licensing agreements
  • assistance to setting up a business
  • writing business plans
  • business plan competitions (i.e. Münchner Businessplanwettbewerb, science4life)
  • government funding (i.e. VIP Förderung, GO Bio, EXIST Forschungstransfer)
  • product development
  • business development
  • establishing a distributor network
  • using CAS genesisworld, SugarCRM, vtiger for technology marketing

Further details are listed in my profiles at LinkedIn and Xing.